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Sizing Guide


Child Age 6-10

Ages 6-10

Fits the average child face, will fit most children between ages 6-10. If your child is on the older or larger size, consider the next size up for a more comfortable fit.

Extra Small/ Small Ages 10-14 Fits young teens (tweens) and extra small adults. Weighing on average between 85-115 lbs.

Small / Medium 

Adults weighing under 140 lbs

Fits many women and some smaller men's faces. Faces with larger cheeks, neck, etc. should consider moving up a size.

Large / XL

Adults weighing over 140 lbs

If you have large features (fuller cheeks, neck, etc.) consider this size! Meant for large adult faces.


NOTE: After washing, if it's too small, you can stretch the mask back to its original size.